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"Gold" Japanese Necklace

"Gold" Japanese Necklace

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Japanese pendant that translates to "Gold". Available in 14kt gold plated silver, sterling silver.

Please select chain length and chain type from drop down menu.

***For 14kt yellow gold & 14kt white gold, the Shami Signature Chain is not available.



Pendant height: .78 inches | 20 mm




Available in 14kt gold plated silver, sterling silver, 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold.

14K GOLD PLATED SILVER: Our 14kt gold plated items are professionally plated to last. We recommend not to let them come in contact with moisture. Water or oils may cause the 14kt plating to wear off. This product has a silver base and will not change the color of your skin.

STERLING SILVER: Our 925 solid sterling silver can come in contact with moisture. We recommend to pat these items dry and clean with a sterling silver polishing cloth. This metal will age beautifully with you.

SOLID 14KT YELLOW GOLD: Solid 14kt yellow gold is a timeless metal. Its high quality allows it to come in contact with moisture and even be worn in water. Perfect for those who never want to take their jewelry off. It will hold up so it can be passed down to future generations.  

SOLID 14KT WHITE GOLD: Solid 14kt white gold is also a timeless metal. It has all the same characteristics as 14kt yellow gold, the only difference is that it resembles silver. Choose this option for the silver look that will stand the test of time and give that clean shine. 


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